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What if the jet of the future just replaced windows with cameras and giant digital displays?

The views afforded by the tiny airplane window—whether it’s cloud cover, city skylines, or mountain ranges—apparently aren’t good enough for design firm Technicon. Their French office has created a concept for a private jet called the Ixion that would replace windows with floor-to-ceiling digital screens that show passengers a high-resolution panoramic livestream of their external environment inside the cabin.


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One study estimated that by the time children are 4 years old, those growing up with parents in professional occupations, such as teachers, lawyers, and doctors, have heard 32 million more words than children raised in poor families (Risley & Hart, 1995). If the impoverished child was never exposed to the word, but would readily have learned it if he had heard it used, then isn’t it an unfair measure of the child’s intelligence that he doesn’t know this word that children from an educated family know?
An extract from “Class Bias Is Found in Most IQ Tests” from S. Marc Breedlove’s Principles of Psychology.  (via oupacademic)


There are currently about 7 billion people on Earth and by the middle of this century the number will most likely be between 9 and 10 billion. A greater proportion of these people will in real terms be wealthier than they are today and will demand a varied diet requiring greater resources in its production. Increasing demand for food will coincide with supply-side pressures: greater competition for water, land, and energy, and the accelerating effects of climate change. The need to produce food in ways that are more environmentally sustainable will become ever more pressing. And while global wealth will grow, not everyone will benefit, and the world will continue to be faced with the challenges of hunger and malnutrition, especially in the least developed countries. At the other end of the nutrition spectrum, we face a global epidemic of obesity.

This extract was taken from chapter 6 of Is the Planet Full?, edited by Ian Goldin.

Image: Urban life, © vkoletic, via iStock Photo

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