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140831 Twitter Update - Jungshin
[English]@MentalShin: Thank you everyone~ It’s Honggyu coffee instead of Temptation coffee. Temptation will end soon. I wish it will end successfully, please give lots of love until the end!

[Spanish]@MentalShin: Gracias a todos~ Es el café Honggyu en vez de Temptation café. Temptation terminará pronto. Quiero que termine exitosamente, por favor entréguenos amor hasta el final!

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Eng trans: miryong

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Neural Anatomy of Primary Visual Cortex Limits Visual Working Memory

Despite the immense processing power of the human brain, working memory storage is severely limited, and the neuroanatomical basis of these limitations has remained elusive. Here, we show that the stable storage limits of visual working memory for over 9 s are bound by the precise gray matter volume of primary visual cortex (V1), defined by fMRI retinotopic mapping. Individuals with a bigger V1 tended to have greater visual working memory storage. This relationship was present independently for both surface size and thickness of V1 but absent in V2, V3 and for non-visual working memory measures. Additional whole-brain analyses confirmed the specificity of the relationship to V1. Our findings indicate that the size of primary visual cortex plays a critical role in limiting what we can hold in mind, acting like a gatekeeper in constraining the richness of working mental function.

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INDIA, Gagalmari : Indian villagers leave the shore to travel by boat through floodwaters in Gagalmari village in the Morigoan district of Assam on August 24, 2014. Floods and landslides in Nepal and India have killed nearly 200 people and scores more are missing. Hundreds die every year in floods and landslides during the monsoon season in South Asia. AFP PHOTO / Biju Boro


What if the jet of the future just replaced windows with cameras and giant digital displays?

The views afforded by the tiny airplane window—whether it’s cloud cover, city skylines, or mountain ranges—apparently aren’t good enough for design firm Technicon. Their French office has created a concept for a private jet called the Ixion that would replace windows with floor-to-ceiling digital screens that show passengers a high-resolution panoramic livestream of their external environment inside the cabin.


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